About Sonoma MedLink

Sonoma MedLink offers you a unique opportunity to enter the world of telecommunications. Sonoma MedLink (SOML or soml.com on the Internet) is a graphical online service that offers you easy access to the Internet and to local medical resources by connecting your computer online. The interface used by SOML allows you to "surf the net" by use of graphical illustrations. You can connect electronically to the White House by simply clicking with your mouse! The latest NASA photo of the San Francisco bay is only a click away using Sonoma MedLink. No matter what your interests may be: wine, food, politics or the latest medical events Sonoma MedLink can bring you these topics from all over the world via an easy to use graphical interface. New topics will be added regularly!

Sonoma MedLink offers more than easy access to the Internet. By grouping physicians electronically, it's an easy task to send E-mail to each other. If you have never sent or used E-mail, just find the member from a list and click the mouse to send an E-mail message. Local resources will include information from hospitals, HMO's and Sonoma County Medical Association concerning meetings and various other medical topics. There are many possibilities and this electronic service will be directed by the needs of the physicians on-line. Conference groups and even meetings can be done using telecommunications without leaving your home or office!

What will this service cost?

There is a one time sign up fee of $100.00 which includes installation of all the software for you by our qualified personnel. We will come to your home or office, install the software for you and make sure you know the essentials of getting connected. We will also develop your own Home Page which is a graphical page listing the information you want made available via the Internet for the entire world to access. This can include your name, photograph, office number, and areas of interest and expertise. The monthly fee of $21.00 will give you unlimited access to the Internet on a monthly basis!

Take this opportunity to step into the exciting world of telecommunications. If you have any questions, call and leave a message at: (707) 526-7110 or since you re already on-line, E-Mail me, Bill Bowden

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