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One of the guiding principles in Sonoma MedLink is that we are here to make the Internet easy to use. We are aware that medical professionals are busy people and time is a precious commodity. We want you to be able to connect and do what you need to do in a timely manner. When we were planning the types of packages to install on each subscribers system, we used several criteria: The package should be Bi-Platform (i.e. Both Mac & PC.) It should be easy to perform the basic needs of that function (in this case E.Mail.) And finally it should be easy to explain it's operation. We choose an E.mail Package called Eudora. There are many other packages available but it is our opinion that this one performs the basics better than the others.

I urge you to send your questions in written form to me using the link at the top of this page. The more types of questions I get, the better job I can do of helping you and those that follow get connected and use your time wisely.

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    Other Questions & Answers

    What is does the long string of characters in E.mail mean ?
    You are probably referring to an Internet address ( just like a letter) an Internet address will always take the form:


    Your login name will be your user name, and is usually your last name, your first initial and last name, or first initial, dash, last name. For John Smith, examples would be smith, jsmith, and j-smith respectively.

    The domain name is a bit harder. You might be familiar with domain names such as, or As you can see, these addresses use two parts, the first being the specific company or location, and the second their affiliation. Common affiliations are

    * .com -- for company

    * .edu -- for higher education

    * .gov -- for government

    * .net -- for the network companies

    * .mil -- for the military

    * .org -- for organizations that don't fit elsewhere

    Schools and foreign countries use a geographical model for domains. For most schools, that would be

    All countries have a two character identifier. Examples are

    * .uk -- United Kingdom

    * .au -- Australia

    * .de -- Germany (Deutschland)

    * .fr -- France

    * .ca -- Canada

    Finally, you can use capital and small letters in the domain section, so


    is the same as Case MAY matter for the user name.