As of: Thursday, 13-Nov-2003 14:56:55 PST

Added 05/26/2001
Check any existing POP3 email account. Replaced the old mailstart with Sonic's TWIG for security.

Added 08/30/2000
Check any existing POP3 email account, anywhere Check Email button replaced SOML's Picks on the main menu.

Added 07/18/2000
All the information you need to evaluate stocks and make smart investment decisions Resource added to News & Info/Financial Information

Added 02/14/2000
Check Your Email ANYWHERE from any Computer with Internet Access Resource added to SOML Picks

Added 06/05/98
Pathology Resource added to Medical Page

Added 04/27/98
New Game site called GameSpot from the Kids Page off the Leasure Button

Added 04-07-98
New button called SOML's Pick. We will be bringing you interesting sites we've come across while surfing the net. Check it out!

Added 10-19-97
MedLine Search added to the Medical page!

Added 9-24-97
Now the NASA button under Leisure has three options:
  • Astronomy Pic of the Day
  • Nasa Page
  • Current Weather Satellite Pic
  • Added 9-23-97
    Recent Bay Area Earthquakes

    Added 6-17-97
    New Medical Topic: Oncology and Hematology

    Added 6-16-97
    Added two new buttons for FedEx and UPS

    Added 6-16-97
    New Shopping Mall button with 18 shopping
    malls to choose from

    Changed 5-10-97

    Search is now directly available from home page
    Software Resources & Download Versions are available from HELP & INFORMATION"

    Changed 4-30-97

    Added Alta Vista Search a very solid tool with good directions
    Also new pointer in the Hardware/Software site with TON's of Files

    Added 3-30-97

    EXTENSIVE new Kid's Page!! Check it out!!

    Added 3-20-97

    Send A Floral Arrangement VIA E-Mail

    Added 3-19-97

    Free MedLine Search for Physicians! See PDR NET!
    (Requires Free Registration with DEA number)

    Added 3-19-97

    Ob/Gyn Reference Page Added

    Added 3-19-97

    Radiology Reference Page Added

    Added 2-28-97

    Added New Tax Help Site for Income Tax

    Changed 1-15-97

    Added New travel site to search all airlines
    Plus Car Rentals , Hotels and more, EXPEDIA

    Reminder 1-11-97

    Federal & State Tax Forms are located on the Office Tools Page

    Changed 1-06-97

    Changed Weather Reference to Santa Rosa Region

    Added 12-31-96

    "Physicians Online button for ordering the
    software to access Phycians Online database for journal search and more!

    Added 12-01-96

    "Steve's Medical Opinion Page" (Medical Survey)

    Added 11-30-96

    "Kelly Blue Book" (Car Information)

    Added 10-23-96

    "ON the GO"-New Information for the Business Traveler

    Modified 09/01/96

    Home Page has been Revised!--New buttons, new topics!

    Added 9-01-96

    Newspapers on the Internet

    Added 6-15-96

    New Page added for Regional Theater

    Added 4-5-96

    Major Rewrite of Medical Sites!

    New page created to download newest versions of software

    Added 3-4-96

    Interactive maps. This service will map any location in the US right down to a city block.

    Added 2-23-1996

    Office Tools-Computer Related Software

    Changed 2-13-1996

    Investment Page now includes Stock Quotes & Other Fund Information

       Added 1-20-1996

    California Government Section now has Word Searching of California Law.

       Added 1-13-1996

    Now Has Links to National and Local Government Offices on the Internet